Pedicure chair

Chair massage spa pedicure is a massage chair, foot spa designed for spa salons, health care centers, luxury resorts, guests, for use in Business, health care and beauty for women.
With the design and bridge created as a conventional massage chair on the market, and the foot massage bridge is different from the conventional massage chair line using the sauna massage basin and use external hips to help you soak feet. The water temperature is different according to the demand. The back of the chair and the hips of the chair he creates as the conventional massage chair, using the fist and massage air bags in different regions and points, using pressure to massage the user.
So with the same structure as a normal massage chair, only different foot massage with steam bath and use the heat and rays outside to soak and massage feet when used, this product is very useful for chi The women in particular have the need of health care and beauty in the spa and resort at the resort luxury.

Top provincial famous tourist

Vietnam is an exotic land filled with diverse scenery, intriguing culture, and a rich, fascinating history. To truly capture the essencof Vietnam travelers should spend time in each region; however, shorter trips are still rewarding experiences. Vietnam is an exotic land filled with diverse scenery, intriguing culture, and a rich, fascinating history. To truly capture the essence of Vietnam travelers . Vietnam is an exotic land filled with diverse scenery.
Cambodia is a country dubbed "country temples" mystery bag contained as many visitors captivated. Where he, pristine beauty and grandeur of Angkor, Royal Palace, Bokor imprints in time. Cambodian human simplicity, friendliness and hospitality will make everyone have to admire the tourism industry in Cambodia. Let's travel to Cambodia together Vietravel enjoy the best service and participate in promotions "Sexy Collection"
Neighboring countries Laos and unspoiled tranquility, which attracts millions of tourists flock to LuangPrabang world with magnificent temples, royal palace museum magnificent, unique fields Chum, Vientiane Buddha garden. Unique crafts and cheap, tasty dishes suited to the taste of Vietnam. Take a tour of Laos and Vietravel to enjoy the best services and promotions participate "Autumn Charm '
Halong is overlooking the magnificent view of Halong Bay, two times acclaimed as the World Heritage by the UNESCO. The hotel is situated right in the center of culture, socio-economic and entertainment of Halong City. Structurally, the 15 floor building of Halong Dream Hotel was designed with the characteristic of the traditional French architectural style and well furnished with the wooden interior which create a cozy atmosphere. Here you will be satisfied with modern facilities and excellent service.