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About us

Tourism nowadays has become the need of each of us. As one of the business units operating in the field of media and tourism in Vietnam, from its inception to the present, Vietnam Tourism Company has experienced remarkable growth. With a staff of good, enthusiastic, passionate and professional trained in foreign guides many years of experience in the tourism sector, tourist services, has contributed significantly to the tourism industry Vietnam.

In addition to the products and services visa, air ticket booking, car rentals, travel, restaurant services, hotel operating company's main business is the design and implementation of a professional tour sightseeing tours, pilgrimage tours, resort and visiting relatives in and outside the country.

Vietnam Tourism Company has officially placed a representative office in the United States, and organized a team of instructors that overseas Vietnamese have a thorough understanding of the culture of Vietnam as well as indigenous cultures.

Besides business, Vietnam Tourism Company also regularly participate in funding for humanitarian programs, community activities: such as blood donation programs, programs help flood victims, financial assistance awards to game show "Let's pick the right price" ...

The next development objective of the company is focusing on promoting online business: service booking and payment online tour, hotel reservation services, online booking car. Accepting payment cards such diverse local card, visa card, master, ... on the leading payment gateway of Vietnam and the world as Paypal, Onepay, ... And exploit new tourist destinations, such as Australia , Japan, South Korea, Myanmar ...