VNT-SP002 : Sapa tours - Hekou - 3 Days 4 Nights

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Journey : Hanoi -> Sapa -> Hanoi
Types of tours : 3 days 4 nights

The high mountains far away clouds, the clear streams winding crystal, the terraced fields. At 1600m altitude compared to sea level, Sapa is a famous scenic spots of Vietnam and is attractive not only in Vietnam but also with foreign tourists. It is no coincidence that the French chose Sapa as a resort for her since the early '20s. From the city center you can reach its panoramic views of the untouched mountain ... And more, it is interesting that you will witness a unique tradition of the Red Dao people - Cho situation at all Saturday night when night begins to fall, the lyrics themselves of the couple rang out, echo into the night, endless .......