November go watch the flowers bloom

November is a special month for sention manually, by mountain forest steppe flooded with blooming flowers: flower triangular circuit, improved flower, wild sunflowers.


With the ease of collecting sun still lingered with incipient cool winter weather, nothing is more wonderful weekend wandering watching flowers bloom and experience high culture domain. Here are the flowers bloom in November and places you can go to watch them.

Wild sunflowers

Dalat is where people think of first when it comes to wild sunflowers. Just to December 11, wild sunflowers bloom on the Lang Bian Plateau, bright yellow and stress filled life. The road from Da Lat to D'Iran is the most beautiful street in the Lang Bian plateau. The two sides are pine trees, deep valleys, winding leaned forward pass. If you go into the early morning, you will have the feeling of floating in the clouds and yellow wild sunflowers will lead the way for you to pass that sea of ​​clouds.

In addition, silver is much bloom on the North-West tie lines. In the farm town of Moc Chau, Tan Lap arrival, you will see improvements flower fields with wild sunflowers bloom.

If there are no conditions go too far, you can get to Ba Vi National Park to see flowers this alarm is always on time. Since only three gems in bloom in about 10 days to 2 weeks, from mid-November.

Triangle circuit

Last collected on the slopes in Ha Giang stone plateau when the season's gold terraces were almost finished harvesting, there is a rather strange colors - pink and purple flowers triangular circuit. Blooming in late October and early November, triangular circuit has approximately 1 month lifecycle, when blooms are white, then turn to pink, light purple, and finally dark red.

Triangle circuit in Lao Cai (Muong Khuong, Simicai, Bac Ha, Bat Xat) and Cao Bang but is most excellent in Ha Giang - where there are many excellent places flowers covered triangular circuit as Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man , Vice-table, high street, guns are, Dong Van, Lung Cu, which should ... Currently, there are several places florists (the entire area from the Sa Phin turn on Lung Cu), located in the provincial planning, visit fee, photographed in groups.

United improvements

At the end of the first winter collection is at Moc Chau don the white flower of reform.Improvement is relative sowing in early November and most beautiful blooms from late November until early spring (late December).

Although female flowers cover the hillsides and valleys, but flowers forest sector reform in Ang was the most beautiful place. Here, dozens of acres improved white blooms, running suction eye who first made eye contact must be surprised. Across the wide space to tens of hectares covering a pristine white flower color enhancements corn mixed colors blue, red dotted add warmth and color of poinsettia flower deep brown soil.

In addition to improving flower, to Moc Chau, you can also watch the green hills of tea and warm yellow wild sunflowers. With the gentle beauty of the hills and uplands of pure white flowers reform, couples have chosen this place as backdrop for your wedding album.

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