The tour soft cost around Hanoi weekend

Only 200,000 to 1 million tourists have an enjoyable trip with family and friends in two days 7th and Sunday in Hanoi.


Son Tinh Camp Campground

Campgrounds picnic in Son Tinh Camp populations Dong Mo Tourist Area Cultural Village and the people of Vietnam, surrounded by the blue water of Dong Mo Lake and the dense forests of the island of Son Tinh.

Son Tinh Camp is not only attractive tourist picnic for the family but also the ideal place for young love outdoor activities such as camping, campfire, hiking, cycling ...

Go to this place, you will be pleased to visit the lakes, majestic mountain views, charming foot of Ba Vi mountain, to tune into the natural life, enjoying the wonderful moments of relaxation and play the game rewarding the relatives and friends.

Visitors come from Hanoi can move by motorbike or bus and to plan for their day's ride.

Walk along Thang Long Highway, across the bridge over the intersection and go straight Hoa Lac will see about 7km beach guide at Cultural Village - Travel Vietnam ethnic groups.Through the village to the island campsite Son Tinh and Son Tinh Camp picnic.

With only 30,000 (including In-Vehicle), you have the freedom to forest berries, cultural village visits.

Price yacht for 30 people to visit the Dong Mo Lake is 1 million.

Floating price for 6 persons is 300,000 VND / unit / hour.

Rental bikes are 40,000 shares / units / hour.

Rental bikes are 60,000 pairs / pcs / hour.

Tour prices range from 450,000 VND to 850,000 VND / person depending on the service provided.

Tourist Area Chamber Blue - Suoi Tien

The center of Hanoi 50km towards Shanxi, green space tourist - cultural Suoi Tien commune, Ba Vi is home to charming landscape with rolling mountains and streams Fairy dreaming.

It has waterfalls pouring down from on high white foam, creating sound echoing mountains.


From rock waterfall spills upriver husband about 1km, you will admire the stunning waterfalls cascade Mo, Raspberry falls, falls Dutch ...

The big rocks scattered along the stream bank will be interesting stop for visitors to rest and admire the mountains, explore virgin forests with rare flora and fauna.

Also, you can freely roam the water park with swimming pool artificial modern and fun.

Tourist Area Chamber Blue - Suoi Tien is not just a fun option for families to enjoy a weekend full of meaning but also a place for students, students marked the anniversary of school age .

Similar Son Tinh Camp campground, you can organize a trip to the green space by moving motorcycle, bus or automobile family.

To save money and still enjoy the delicious food, supplements, cheap, parents and students should prepare food at home.

Also, you can refer to a number of tour packages to green space - Suoi Tien. Tour price comes two days 1 night from Hanoi about 999,000 VND / person or one day will be 190,000 VND / person.

Ba Vi National Park

Tourist resort in Ba Vi National Park, Ha Noi center about 60km to the west. It was dubbed the green lung of the capital.

With the fresh air along with plant and animal diversity and abundance, the National Park As the ideal location of visitors each weekend.

The park has 1,209 plant species, including 21 rare plant species recorded in Vietnam Red Book.

The fauna of 63 species of mammals, with many rare species such as the clouded civet, large coolie, pheasant, dragon land, tomato stalk, white tailed butterfly dragon ...

Go here, you will be climbing about 300m up visits Upper house - Vien holy temple. From here, visitors can look down towards the eye where the foothills of the beautiful little valley.

In addition, you can also visit Uncle Ho Temple, Vong Canh top - where all sides are covered with clouds, participating as the game fun beating pots blindfolded, which has, burlap love ... Or free to visit the conservation of animal feed, medicinal plant garden, shopping specialties like wine jelly, tea cakes blue, milk cake, tea, pollen ...

Ba Vi National Park is only a center of Hanoi about 60 km west so you can fully move by motorbike or bus and then self-organize themselves and loved ones a trip like that.

Price at the door of the resort in Ba Vi National Park is relatively "soft". Tickets from: 15,000 / person, tickets sent cars under 10 seats: 20,000 / car, 10 seats: 25,000 VND / car and motorcycle: 2,000 VND / car.

Some weekend tour Hanoi - Ba Vi National Park is priced fairly "soft" to visitors.

Package price is 395.000/nguoi. Application for guests 20 and older, moved by cars and meals and eat lunch in the floor exercise. But Hanoi tour - Upper house - three national parks Since 2 days 1 night cost 1,400,000 VND / person. Applies to groups of 40 people.

Long Vietnamese tourist resort

Located in populations of monuments and landscapes Ba Vi, Vietnam resorts Long Hanoi 50km northwest is one of those addresses is well known in recent years.

For the purpose of honoring the traditional values ​​of Vietnamese culture, especially friendly show, harmony with nature, Long Vietnamese artifacts exhibited by region bearing the stamp of the northern countryside .

Walking in Long Vietnam tour, you will see the image of Vietnam village sounded familiar to the child-resistant pack the gifts home as boiled potatoes, candy powder, bunch of bananas, green tea water storage tank ...

In addition, you and your family are also looking at the rare flower tree hundreds of years old are called "odd flora draft" that the owner of Long Vietnam has periodically collected or enjoy the art of water puppetry in the Van fishing, listening to the smooth tunes with them.

Long Vietnam tourism zone is open on all days of the week from Monday to Sunday with admission rather "soft" - adults is 50,000 VND / person and children under 1m3 high of 30,000 dong / person .

Quan Son Lake Tourist Area

Quan Son Lake, close to the center of Hanoi is 50km long run towards NNW - SSE, on the Upper Lam commune, Tuy Lai, Hong Son, My Duc district, spread a small part to Kim Boi Hoa district Binh. .

Beautiful scenery of this lake is about 850ha created by nearly 100 blends towering limestone mountains by the lake and the rich vegetation on the water.

Quan Son Tourist Area also has many cultural imprint and the dwelling place of many sacred temples like Ham Long, Linh Son Pagoda, Ngoc Linh Tu Tu Long Table, Valley Buddhist ...

Go to Quan Son tourist site, visitors will be sitting on the boat watching the spectacular natural scenery, visit the White mountains like Mount Buffalo, Mount Quai Cheo, for Easter ...

Road from the capital to the resort pretty easy going. So, you can take a bus or motorcycle.By Quan Son Lake scenery you buy tickets, ferry tickets, dong/thuyen/4 100,000 people.Time to visit the lakes ranged from 2 to 3 hours.

Mallard Ecovillage

Vietnamese French Ecovillage - Mallard center about 45km from Hanoi.

With architectural harmony between natural beauty, traditional Vietnamese and French style elegance, sophistication, it will bring you and your family for a weekend trip and stayed warm.


Go here, visitors will be immersed in the fresh cool air of quiet countryside, free to explore the area of ​​eco-tourism as well as the characteristics of the architecture here.


In addition, you are also free to participate in health care services, bathing in the pool, soak in the blue waters. Or bike to explore the surrounding villages and rice fields in the valleys interspersed.

It is also a paradise for couples want to record the images and important moments of life during engagement ceremony, wedding reception or honeymoon.

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