Discover the island Nest

Just at the time from April to September each year, the island sightseeing tour Yen-Hon Noi to become more attractive to those who want to learn and explore one of the features making for animal production Khanh Hoa homeland.

In favorable weather conditions, a visit to the cave swallow bird nesting season, learn the history and development Salanganes'Nest is the charm made island tour which is considered the traditional always attract.

Dao Nest is the common name for the islands and islets populations in Nha Trang Bay birds nest. Over nearly 2 hours sitting on boat from Vinh Nguyen Cau Da port (Nha Trang) to Hon Noi - one of two island populations of the largest bird reserves in Khanh Hoa, visitors will be satisfied to admire spectacular natural beauty of the cliff, dangerous, inhabited by birds nest.


Tourists come to the island Nest

Of the 19 islands, the population in this island, there are 12 islands canaries chosen residence. Hon Sam is the first place where tourists arrive. This is one of the few islands have caves located in favorable positions, helping visitors can easily explore the life of birds nest as well as witness the nesting birds. Dozens dotted nests on cliffs, mysterious beauty made rare here.

Some tourists in Nha Trang commented: "At the sight of the ship on the island of seagulls have wings and fly birds nest I found very interesting because it is new and different from the other island tour in Nha Trang Bay. Islands Nest areas beyond its focus on specialty referral nests and characteristics of Khanh Hoa so that visitors have a deeper impression. felt her beautiful homeland ".

Sam kissed the gull wing tilt welcome sun blisters, to the Hon Noi - visitors will have a new and exciting experience. Visiting temples nest bird's nests industry sectors, learn about the history and development of the profession oats will give visitors many interesting, useful.Many people are not surprised to learn from the exploitation of oats extremely arduous, strenuous, requiring bravery, courage, crowd and especially the nature of "hereditary".

Bird's Nest Mining

Le Thanh Hai - Guests at TP. Ho Chi Minh said: "It is very helpful for those who want to learn about the culture, the knowledge of real nests because nests heard on TV, the radio, but many people really know about bird nest is not much. tour is finished When I can learn more about bird nest industry and understand more about the lives of those who worked oats and a bit of knowledge about the habitat of bird species. "

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