VNT-CPC002 : Tourism Cambodia: Saigon - Shihanouk Ville - Royal Palace

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Journey : Phnom Penh - Bokor - Ville Shihanouk
Types of tours : 4 days 3 nights

The beach at Shihanoukville still many wild character and have not been to the human hand. The beach slopes gently and somewhat similar to the sea in Vietnam but attracts many tourists from all over the world here. They flock to Shihanoukville to enjoy the fresh air lanes, cool from the sea brings.

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Bokor Plateau lies at an altitude of 1075 meters above sea level, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, about 30km from the town of Kampot. Bokor has a cool climate all year round. Go to the Bokor plateau, visitors are escape noisy bustle of the ...

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